🕔 5 Quick Things

That’s my super awesome view this week as the 5f team heads on a roadtrip to set up offices in the UK and Paris. (Which, I won’t lie, is incredibly awesome.)

So let’s keep this week short and sweet, with just a few popular tips from the archives.

1. Talk to real people, please.

“Consumers are statistics. Customers are people.” –Stanley Marcus, former president, Neiman Marcus.

I know it’s easy to fall into business-speak and industry-jargon when we talk to customers, write posts, create content. And, let’s face it, many of us grew up with the keyboard as our vehicle for erudition. But that’s all changed.

If I can impress one thing upon you this week, it’s that customers are people, just like you and me. They aren’t data or buyers or users; they are parents and teachers and young adults who want to feel appreciated and respected. When in doubt for what to write, step away from the keyboard, grab your voice recorder and simply talk, share your story as if it was a dear friend standing before you, and you won’t go wrong with your digital content.

2. Better Insta-to-Twitter integration.

The native Instagram to Twitter integration produces crappy tweets. If you’re integrating Insta with Twitter, you need the pics, not just words. It’s way easier than you think. Head to IFTTT, set up a free account, and do this.

3. And while we’re talking Instagram

When was the last time you DM’d (direct messaged) a customer? Insta DM’s are an under-utilized (and therefore still appreciated) way of reaching out to fans and friends. You can send a special offer, thank them for a great post, or simply wish them a happy birthday. Just remember, be real; no corporate-speak allowed.

4. Hashtag help!

I get a lot of queries from people asking how to determine which hashtags are best. Yeah, there are analytics and data and marketing magic, but a lot of people have already done all that research. Here’s the trick: find high-performing accounts that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Same photo style as you
  • Same industry as you
  • Same theme as you (but maybe not same industry)
  • Same audience that you want to attract to your account.

Don’t copy branded hashtags (use good judgement, k?), but why reinvent the wheel? If the hashtags are working for them, make them work for you, too!

5. Facebook-conflicted?

This was the MOST clicked link from 2017 newsletters, and since we have about three times as many subs now as then, I thought it worth a share.

We all know we should spend less time on social media, but, come on, it is designed to suck you in. And you’ve got people like me telling you that digital is crucial for relationship building. What’s a biz to do?

Go get the Chrome Facebook Feed Eradicator (Safari version here). This extension will hide that time-sucking feed, but allow you to see notifications, messages, reviews, etc. Srsly, this has been a gamechanger for my crew. Peace & productivity, free & easy. Aaah.

That’s me for this week. As always, my door is open. But if I’m a little slow for the next three weeks, I promise to respond as soon as possible.


[Photo by James Padolsey on Unsplash]