“We don’t know where to start…or what we’re doing wrong.”
“We aren’t gaining new customers as fast as we hoped to.”
“We aren’t retaining customers like we once did.”

Do your wine marketing decisions feel like expensive guesswork? Without a clear understanding of your customers, messaging, and goals, you might be leaving success or failure to chance.

Our brand workshops are designed to guide you through the challenges facing today’s crowded wine market. Our framework has developed over years of working exclusively with wine brands…and because we only work with wine, we bring industry savvy to your workshop experience.


Brand workshops provide the insights that clarify your day-to-day communications and wine marketing decisions including:

— brand messaging
— Websites & e-commerce
— Social Media & newsletters
— Wine Clubs
— paid Advertising
— Tasting Room experiences
— products & services
— position & pricing
— Distribution Channels
— strategic planning


Clarify Your Goals

What are you trying to accomplish with your brand? Hint: it’s not always financial success. Our first step ensures that your team is crystal clear on what they hope to achieve, and can come together in a strong, coordinated effort.

Make sense of your customers

They’re so much more than data points. Together, we’ll construct near-tangible customer personas that will empower your wine brand to speak the right message to the right people at the right time.

Master your communications

There’s so much talk of storytelling, but are you telling the right story? We’ll create a framework that will allow you to make informed decisions about content, visuals, websites, social media…let’s get rid of the guesswork!

Make a plan!

Before we wrap, we’ll lay out a strategy that brings it all together: goals, customers & communication. Then we’ll go away and develop a custom roadmap to keep you on track when confusion and overwhelm strike.

is it right for us?

5forests brand workshops are ideal for small- to medium-sized independent wine businesses who need guidance to grow but haven’t a full-time marketing department. Our clients include:

— Independent Wineries
— Winemakers
— Wine Retailers
— Wine Tourism Operators
— Wine Writers
— Wine Bloggers
— Wine Distributors
— (and sometimes brewers!)

how it works

Change is hard, but staying where you are is harder. If you’ve read this far, you know it’s time to do something different. Let’s figure out what’s getting in your way and kill it. Each workshop is one-of-a-kind, at your location, with your team. Here’s what you’ll get:

— 2 pre-workshop Skype sessions, to review expectations and requirements for a successful discovery.
— 3-day on-site brand workshop with as many team members as you wish!
— Approximately 2 weeks after your workshop, you’ll receive your 15-20 page roadmap to help your team make consistent, informed decisions.
— 2 post-workshop Skype sessions to review wins, challenges, plans, or any questions you face as you implement your new understanding.

Download a sample workshop agenda

nice words

brand workshop testimonials

A brand workshop with Polly was all about finding out who we are, who we say we are and what others say we are. We know now why customers will choose our brand over another and we have a clear brand statement which goes hand in hand with all our solid, engaging and social media savvy (very important nowadays) communications internally and externally. Polly won’t just boost your brand with the energy and passion to succeed but she is hands-on involved in the planning, strategy and execution of the brand discovery. She makes you discover who you are to realise who you want to be.
Jemma Grobbelaar, JG Wine & Drinks

Polly is a fantastic guide and mentor for the process of Brand Discovery. We thought we understood who our customers were before this process, but Polly helped us to give them a name and a voice so we could build actual relationships with them. She gave careful consideration to first figuring out the right questions to ask and then helped us to craft a set of plans for how to work with the knowledge gained. She put into our hands a set of tools we can use to chart our way forward with our business. I feel empowered and better equipped to grow our business now.
Chris Mills, Kereru Brewing Co.


you've got two choices:

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