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Your website probably isn’t accessible

I’m known for my matter-of-fact writing and talking style. I come by it naturally, so I hope readers aren’t offended if I tell them that their websites aren’t accessible, and that’s a dick move. I covered this 2 years ago in my “Don’t be a dick” series. You can read that here: Accessibility, compliance, and…

Accessibility Icon text Do The Right Thing

Accessibility, compliance, and your winery website

Greetings, friends, and welcome to another Must Read. This week, I’m handing the reins back to Michael to give us the lowdown on Accessibility compliance, why it’s a must, and why a solution that looks too good to be true, generally is. In the last DBAD series, we talked about site speed. What it is, why…

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Creating delight and building connections. Onward!

First, sorry about last week. I left you hanging. My excuse (which I’m okay with) is that it was my last day in Paris and I picked Paris over writing. But we’re back together today and it’s time to talk about creating delight. I’ve decided to eschew the crappy list-ification that you’ll find littering Google…