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Woman in Vineyard holding wine glass with text reading Headtraining, Smart Marketing for Growing Wineries. Thumbnail for series of Free Wine Marketing Resources by 5forests.

5forests Launches New Free Wine Marketing Resources on YouTube

5forests is excited to launch a groundbreaking new YouTube series, Headtraining, bringing expert free wine marketing resources just in time for the 2023 holiday sales season. “Marketers are now expected to understand everything from social media and email marketing, to SEO and e-commerce,” says Polly Hammond, founder of 5forests. “But there’s nothing out there to…

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Love and Happiness

We’re back, we’re back, we’re back! And you’re here, too! And that makes me happy. 😊 But if it doesn’t make you happy (and let’s be honest, you haven’t heard from me in almost a year, I get it), go on and unsubscribe. You can come back anytime and I’ll still love you. And that’s…

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Young George Clooney with Long Hair

George Clooney > Twitter

Greetings, friends, and welcome back. First, let me say thank you to everyone who messaged and emailed me in the past month. You kept me sane while I was trapped in the Deep South dealing with dysfunctional family and drinking wine from tetrapaks. I’m home to my beautiful, calm Auckland and have something on my mind……

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