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Real Business of Wine is the go-to series for today's wine professionals.

If you want to know about what really makes the international wine industry tick, and how it is likely to change over the next few years, the Real Business of Wine is for you. From the smallest estate to the largest multinational; from financing and production to distribution and marketing, this is where the world’s leading experts come to share their experience, expertise and opinions. Every RBW session brings together top professionals from across the world to share their expertise and experience on a specific topic with a global community.

A picture of a girl using a surgical mask and the text saying COVID-19: The Impact

COVID-19: The Impact

Three months after the world really began to pay attention to COVID-19, Professor Simone Loose of Geisenheim University in Germany and Rob McMillan of the Silicon Valley Bank in California share their knowledge and research findings of how the wine business has been affected.

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A picture of pagodas and the text saying a focus on China

A Focus on China

Over the last 25 years, no country has had a greater impact on the wine industry than China. From being a negligible market, it has grown to being one of the largest in the world, with a fast-expanding production base of its own. But, even for frequent visitors, this remains a mysterious country where people…

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A picture of a wine shop, with many shelves of wine, and the text that says:Selling Wine at Every Level

Selling Wine at Every Level

Dan Jago has been at the head of Bibendum one of Britain’s leading wine wholesalers, Tesco’s global wine division – one of the world’s largest by volume – and Berry Bros & Rudd, the UK’s oldest fine wine merchant. In other words, he knows A LOT about wine distribution, from presenting Pétrus and Le Pin…

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A picture of beautiful girls holding cocktails and talking. Text that says: The Influencers

The Influencers

As part of our ongoing series on wine communication, Fabien Lainé, Paul Mabray, Terry Xu, Mike Ratcliffe, and Scott Eddy take the lid off the world of influencers. How important are they really? What rules do they follow? How real are the numbers of followers they claim? A lively RBW debate!

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A picture a couple doing cheers with glasses of wine. Text that says Sex and Wine

Sex and Wine

Wines specifically aimed at women? And at men? Really? Well, on the one hand, there’s Cupcake and Little Black Dress and Middle Sister. And on the other there’s Carnivor and Sledgehammer and 19 Crimes… In a departure from the usual format, Polly and Robert take a level headed look at gender-based wine marketing. And probably…

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