Real Business of Wine

A picture of an imponent building in St. Petesburg. Text reads "Talking Russia".

Talking Russia

Continuing the theme we began with India and Brazil, we look at Russia, one of the wine world’s most under-appreciated markets – where good wine is being produced, too.

A picture of glasses of orange wine. Text: Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

Simon Woolf, award-winning author of Amber Wine, talks skin contact with rosé expert Liz Gabay MW, winemaker Tony Milanowski of Rathfinny Estate and natural wine distributor Doug Wregg of Les Caves de Pyrene.

A picture a couple doing cheers with glasses of wine. Text that says Sex and Wine

Sex and Wine

Wines specifically aimed at women? And at men? Really? Well, on the one hand, there’s Cupcake and Little Black Dress and Middle Sister. And on the other there’s Carnivor and Sledgehammer and 19 Crimes… In a departure from the usual format, Polly and Robert take a level headed look at gender-based wine marketing. And probably…

A picture of a woman scribbling in a notebook. Text that says "Wine writing: fact versus opinion"

Wine Writing: Fact vs Opinion

Writers have been telling us forever that Riesling has taken over wine lists, that Sherry is the hottest thing, and that nobody drinks buttery Chardonnay anymore. But none of these things are true. We look at the tricky relationship between fact and opinion-presented-as-fact in wine reporting. With Blake Gray, former wine editor of the San…

A picture of the Christ the Redeemer statue, with the text that says "Brazil, Brave New World"

Brazil: Brave New World

According to Wine Intelligence, 20 million Brazilians drink wine at least once a week and 31% of Brazilian consumers “like to take their time to purchase wine” and consider wine to be “important” to their lifestyles. Leading journalist and publisher Marcelo Capello and Wine Intelligence Brazil Country Manager Rodrigo Lanari introduce the world’s sixth most…

A picture of the sunset in a bridge in Bordeaux. Text says "Inside Bordeaux , Jane Anson".

Inside Bordeaux with Jane Anson

If it weren’t for Covid-19, Decanter Bordeaux correspondent Jane Anson would be on tour in the UK signing her new book, Inside Bordeaux. Instead, she’s still in France – and with us to discuss the secrets of what makes that region tick – and how she has successfully managed to produce five books without going…

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Alternative Media

As wine professionals – with varying success – rush to host virtual tastings, we meet experts who launched highly popular podcasts and online platforms long before the current crisis.

A picture of the Taj Mahal in a pinkinsh haze, with the text that reads "India: the other emerging market"

India: The Other Emerging Market

Local taxes and legislation may make India a more daunting export market than China, but a new generation is increasingly enthusiastic about wine, and a growing number of impressive Indian wines are released every year. This is your chance to learn about this complex country from a panel of top experts.

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Talking New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the newest parts of the New World of wine. The Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc that catapulted it onto the global stage was only planted in the 1970s, but within 20 years, New Zealand’s white wines were commanding the highest average prices in the world. Then came Otago Pinot Noir which has…