Real Business of Wine

A picture of a guy holding up a glass of wine and analysing it. Text says "Flying winemakers with Nayan Gowda"

Flying Winemakers, with Nayan Gowda

The only former professional chef to have made wine in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Hungary, England, France, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and Norway, Nayan Gowda is currently working in the high-altitude vineyards of Bolivia. The internet connection was far from perfect, which explains the less-than-brilliant quality of the video and sound. And the fact that we…

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The Future of Virtual Tastings

Wine has leapt into virtual tastings, but what happens with the doors re-open? Let’s look at the good and the bad and the future of virtual wine events in this very meta #RealBizWine.

A sparkly picture of a champagne bottle and glasses. Text reads "New Ways of looking at luxury with Maggie Henriquez, CEO of Krug"

New Ways of Looking at Luxury, with Maggie Henriquez, CEO of Krug

What is luxury wine? How does it differ from ‘fine wine’? And how is it going to fare in a post COVID-19 world? Join us for this collab with ARENI Global. We’ll talk to Maggie Henríquez, CEO of Krug Champagne, about these and other questions of importance to a financially crucial segment of the wine…

A picture of a row of wine bottles, with the labels blurred. Text says "The Labels, with Neil Tully MW"

The Labels, with Neil Tully MW

For most wines, the difference between commercial success and failure may largely depend on the words and images printed on a small piece of paper. For this unique webcast, we invite award-winning designer Neil Tully MW to share his insights into how he goes about working with the producer to create a label that will…

A picture of soldiers in action, with text that reads "Wine in the time of plague and war"

Wine in the Time of Plague and War

Like every other sector, the wine industry is struggling to come to terms with COVID-19, but this is not the first major challenge it has faced over the centuries. How have wine producers and sellers fared during previous plagues and wars. We hear from respected historians Rod Phillips, author of “Wine: A Social and Cultural…

Background is a picture of the Coliseum, with the text that reads "Building a Brand - Italy"

Building a Brand, Italy

What does it take to build a resilient brand? Today, we talk with top producers, Marilisa Allegrini, Roberto Bava and Jose Rallo of Donnafugata, and UK importer, David Gleave MW, about positioning, communication, perception, and relevance…at home and abroad.

Background picture of grapes in the vine. Text says "The grapes with Randall Grahm"

The Grapes, with Randall Grahm

All grapes were not created equal. Some are commercially successful. Others have been unjustly forgotten. Some are more popular than they deserve to be. Others may not survive in their current regions as temperatures rise. And then, of course, there are new vinifera crosses like Marselan, hybrids and labrusca – not forgetting genetic modification. And…

A picture of a city view in South Africa, in the sunset, with the text "a focus on South Africa"

A Focus on South Africa

The South African wine industry is in crisis. New laws outlaw the movement of wine within the country, making exports almost impossible. The legislation was partly justified by the incidence of truck hijacking on the roads from the winelands to the ports. Producers have proposed the use of private security firms to protect the shipments,…

Picture of many hands holding earth and a seed coming together, and the tex that says "Getting to Sustainability"

Getting to Sustainability

Lighter bottles, solar panels and windmills, fewer chemical inputs… What does sustainability mean to the wine industry in 2020? How seriously is it being taken? How does it compare to, and differ from, Organic and Biodynamic? And how much do standards and certifications vary between countries and regions? Is environmental sustainability compatible with economic sustainability?