Real Business of Wine

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Breaking…Wine News

When important stuff happens in the wine world, who covers it in the media, and how well is it done? Richard Siddle earned his stripes as a journalist before becoming editor of a wine trade publication and starting his own online platform, the highly influential ‘The Buyer’. Question Siddle and other guests about how professionals…

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A Better Wine Story

Talk to almost anyone about marketing in any sector today and you’ll hear that ‘stories’ are essential. But what kinds of story actually help to persuade people to buy a wine? Joe Fattorini of the Wine Show – and formerly Berry Bros & Rudd – joins our panel along with Tom Parnell who blogs about…

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The Consumer, in Partnership with ARENI Global

Join us for this very special session in collaboration with ARENI Global, as we explore the changing face of the modern wine consumer. Millennials, Boomers: does it matter? Technophobes, Social media natives: what does it mean for communications? Wine shops, DTC: what does the future look like?

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Somm-Thing for the Weekend

DLynn Proctor, Andre Mack, Gary Obligacion, and Tanisha Townsend. On this night, we pass the mic to four of the brightest characters in wine, to talk business, diversity, heritage, and the future.

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Tourism – Being There

In recent years, wine tourism has become a mantra, a magic pill than, when associated with tasting room fees and Direct To Consumer sales can be the key to winery profitability. But what happened when a virus abruptly halts the stream of visitors, or when possible wine tourists who are trying to reduce their carbon…

A picture of pouring sparkling wine into a flute. There are many other flutes next to it. Text reads "English Sparkling Wine"

English Sparkling Wine

At a time when there seem to be too few reasons to celebrate, English Sparkling Wine is forging ahead, with vineyards being planted, new wines being launched, and prizes being won. But how sustainable is the English wine boom? Who’s going to buy 30m or 40m bottles – compared to under 16m today? Do we…

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The Editors

Ray Isle, Executive Wine Editor of Food, Food & Wine, and Wine & Spirits Editor, of Travel & Leisure; Erica Duecy of Vinepair; and Felicity Carter of Meininger’s Wine Business International. Three of the world’s leading wine editors share the secrets of how to get an audience for your words in respected media.

A picture of a young woman carrying shipment boxes. Text says "Excelling at Ecommerce".

Excelling at Ecommerce

Now more than ever, wineries are looking toward ecommerce to keep the doors open. In this session, we ask leaders in wine website development to share their practical advice and best practices.