Real Business of Wine

Picture is black background and candle graphs by month in white, red and green. Text says "by the numbers"

By The Numbers

Compared to other sectors, the wine industry often seems to rely on what it has done in the past or hunches. In this session, we talk to experts Lulie Halstead, Dr Simone Loose, and Paul Mabray about the challenges of gathering high quality data…and persuading wine producers to benefit from it.

A picture of rows of amphoraes. Text says "Naturally different with Alice Feiring"

Naturally Different, with Alice Feiring

If, like Eric Asimov of the New York Times, you are a natural and orange wine fan, or if you’ve yet to be seduced by low-intervention wines, this is your chance to put your questions to Alice Feiring, the unchallenged queen of the natural wine movement.

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The Wine Writers

Join top international wine critics, Eric Asimov , Tim Atkin, and Elaine Chukan Brown as we explore the future of wine writing through the lens of financial and environmental sustainability.

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Qualified Success

WSET? MW? MBA? What are the pros and cons of the main educational programs? Which qualification is most valuable for anyone looking for a job? Featuring: Ian Harris, head of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Damien Wilson of Sonoma State University, and Adrian Garforth, chairman of the Institute of Masters of Wine.

A picture of the Miroir d'eau in Bordeaux in front of the Place de la Bourse. Text reads "Bordeaux - beyond en primeur with Jane Anson"

Bordeaux – Beyond En Primeur, with Jane Anson

On the day that the Bordeaux En Primeur week should be getting underway, Decanter correspondent and award-winning writer, Jane Anson discusses with chateau owners, merchants and scientists who have been analysing the region using satellite imagery, what the 2019 vintage is really like, the implications of delaying its Spring release, and more generally how the…

Picture of horns used in biodynamic practices. Text says "Getting the horn with Monty Waldin"

Getting the Horn, with Monty Waldin

Star of TV’s Chateau Monty series, Monty Waldin is the world’s leading expert on Biodynamic wine, and author of two guides and a seminal book on the subject.

A picture of different style wine glasses, filled with different styles of wine (red, white, rosé..)

From The Top, with Jancis Robinson

Jancis Robinson MW is unquestionably the world’s leading wine authority today. Editor of the Oxford Companion to Wine, co-author of the World Atlas of Wine, Financial Times columnist, and creator of What would *you* like to ask her?

A vintage map of East Europe in the background with the text reading "The East wind with Philip Cox

The East Wind, with Philip Cox

Eastern European wines are finally beginning to gain more recognition, but it’s not easy, as British-born Philip Cox, Romania’s biggest exporter, will explain.

A picture of chairs arranged upside down on top of tables. Text is "when on.premise turns off".

When On-premise Turns Off

As lockdowns are enforced from Naples to New York and restaurants put up “closed until further notice” signs, how is this affecting the sommeliers? How are thousands of men and women spending their time, now they are not pouring wine for customers? In Episode 3, we talk to James Tidwell of Texsom, co-head of the…