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You may know us for our award-winning work in the wine industry, but 5forests has been working with independent travel, food, and luxury brands for years. With a hands-on approach based in research, learning, and growth, we build independent brands who are seeking to be both profitable and sustainable.

Abstract art featuring lines, shapes, and squiggles in red, blue, yellow, green, black, and grey.
László Moholy-Nagy, CH B3, 1941.
Fine art painting of fat man in a chair dressed in brown velvets. He has a broad smile and holds a jug of wine and a sword.
Eduard von Grützner, Falstaff with a Sword, Wine Jug and Glass, 1905.

Wine, Beer & Spirits

The challenges of the alcohol sector are unlike any other. Markets, channels, compliance, communications…and that’s before you even sell one bottle.

5forests is globally-recognized for our award-winning wine, beer, and spirits marketing. We work with businesses of all sizes, including producers, distributors, retailers, writers, and other service providers.

If you are ready to grow, we are here to help.

Illustrated garden with rows of plantings, red roofs, and precise walkways. Bordered by columns of flowers.
Meyer Goldbaum, Samuel Harrison House and Garden, 1936. Original from The National Gallery of Art.

Travel & Tourism

Consumer expectations have changed drastically in the past years, and nowhere is that more apparent than in travel and tourism spending. 5forests’ destination marketing services can help you grow your bottom line via improved advertising, user experiences, and brand storytelling.

From large regional tourism organizations catering to a breadth of demands to boutique destinations with niche offerings, no matter your size, our multi-pronged approach will help you stand out from your competition.

Illustration of dark red plums in two stacked columns
Vintage plums illustration, U.S. Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection. Rare and Special Collections, National Agricultural Library.

Food & Beverage

The past two years have seen an explosion of independent direct-to-consumer food and beverage brands. Competitive advantage goes to those who understand their customers, can tell a better story, and offer seamless online experiences.

5forests’ food and beverage marketing services rely on the latest data and best practices to help CPG brands create and implement profitable growth strategies locally, nationally, and beyond.

Two panels of fabric design. Top panel is red and orange flowers atop green and black leaves, on a bright orange background. Bottom panel is red and black flowers with green and blue leaves on white background.
Art Nouveau flower pochoir stencil print for fabric and textile designs, from Suggestions pour étoffes et tapis 60 motifs en couleur, 1925.

Sustainable Luxury

As the luxury market increasingly shifts toward sustainability-first production and culture, so too must the frameworks that support luxury brands.

5forests leads the way in developing sustainable digital solutions for today’s luxury brands. From carbon-friendly websites and privacy-first data collection to customer-centricity and uncompromising quality, 5forests is your partner in growing a timeless, meaningful business.

abstract watercolor painting in blacks, yellows, purples and greens.
Cliffs, Paul Nash, 1889–1946. Original from The Yale University Art Gallery.

Sustainable Finance & Law

Sustainable finance and legal institutions are essential partners in the transition to a more sustainable and equitable global economy. They address environmental, social, and economic challenges, drive innovation and growth, and protect the long-term viability of the global economy.

5forests works with select finance and law firms who meet our rigorous criteria for demonstrable purpose and measurable impact. Our data-backed development, privacy-first practices, and strong focus on accessibility mean you’re in good hands with 5forests.

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