Instagram Study 2019

Greetings, friends, and welcome back. This week, instead of listening to me talk at you, I recommend you head over to the 2019 Quintly Instagram Study. We all know that wine and insta are a true love match, and the 5forests team gets lots of questions about how to maximize their instagram effectiveness. This study addresses many of your common questions, such as:

Single image, carousel or video? (Answer: video)

How many hashtags? (Answer: three)

How long should a caption be? (Answer: In’eresting! We’ve read heaps of different reports on this question, and Quintly shows 0-50 characters is the sweet spot!)

Emojis or no emojis (Answer: a handful is good)

When to post? (Partial answer: weekends get good engagement)

Check out the pleasantly short, packed-with-visuals Quintly report here.


[Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash]