GROW for Emerging Brands

Building a business has never been easy, and growing a brand in the era of digital can feel unmanageable. You’re expected to be a master of all things — strategic thinking, market research, website building, email marketing — the list goes on.

Since the day we opened our doors, 5forests has quietly worked alongside emerging brands who embody the best of their industry: creativity, communication, tenacity, joy. With GROW for Emerging Brands, we finally democratize this initiative, opening the door for businesses across the lifestyle spectrum to access expert advice and practical assistance.

Twice a year, we select one emerging lifestyle or luxury business to receive a digital marketing support package worth $20,000. Services provided are unique to recipient’s business goals and needs.

Our next round of applications opens late 2022.

three different paintings of brightly colored palm trees.
Oswald de Kerchove de Denterghem, Les Palmiers Histoire Iconographique (adapted), 1878.

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