No more expensive guess work! Audits are the data-based diagnostics of effective marketing. They are a natural starting point for businesses who know they aren’t accomplishing their goals, but don’t know why.

5forests’ audits dive deep into your first-party data and user experience to identify opportunities and weaknesses in your website, social media, email marketing, and digital advertising. A 5forests audit is ideal for businesses who have their own inhouse teams but need a fresh look at what’s going on.

painting of shop sign in the shape of vintage spectacles. Gold frames with blue eyes.
John H. Tercuzzi, Shop Sign Spectacles, c. 1935- 1942. Original in National Gallery of Art.

Save time, save money, and act with precision.

5forests’ audits will help you and your team develop a plan of action for change: how to spend, where to spend, and where to save. From digital properties to messaging, let us provide insight via:

  • Website (user experience) audits
  • SEO audits
  • Email marketing audits
  • Social media audits
  • Content audits
Costume plate featuring woman in red  military-inspired coat, striped skirt, and black and red hat. She is holding a telescope and looking out at the ocean and sail boats.
George Barbier, Costumes Parisiens, No.164: Costume de Yacht from Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1914. Original from The Rijksmuseum.

We are delighted by the work you and your 5forests team did on ACORN Winery’s website audit. We needed a respected and knowledgeable third party to review, evaluate, and critique ACORN’s website, and you totally delivered. Your work helped us focus on key changes needed to improve the user experience quality, and to encourage more folks visit/buy. Your audit provided us exactly what we needed. You provided us with a comprehensive, informative, and valuable overview, that included actionable recommendations, and guidance. Your style, (both professional, and friendly), made the process painless, and we look forward, to continuing to work together.

— Betsy & Bill Nachbaur, ACORN Winery

Is it time to find out what’s holding you back?