About the Art

One of the earliest lessons for any creative or marketer is to learn as much about as many different topics as you can. Culture, history, art, music, science, exploration…we all exist in a world of beauty and expertise. And just like the internet allows us to buy wines, watches, and handbags, so too does it allow us to explore our history from the comfort of our living room. Never has that felt more important that now.

Therefore, instead of creating custom site art that captures but one moment in our timeline, we have chosen to turn our site into a gallery of what is inspiring us now. Sometimes we look toward the stars, or far into the past. Sometimes we feel the power of a piece of music played on loop, or the demand to take action in an unsettled world. To help you continue your own exploration or perhaps find a new source of inspiration online, we include below links to our most loved sources of free art online. So the next time you catch yourself doomscrolling, why not art-scroll instead? We promise, it’s better than Netflix, and your favorites won’t disappear overnight.

Artists’ rights and proper attribution are important to us and we take every precaution to ensure that the works shared on our site allow for commercial use. If you have any questions, please reach out.

Now, go forward and find something beautiful today.

William Morris pattern of pink, teal, and yellow flowers with light yellow background.
William Morris’s Lodden, 1884. Original from The Smithsonian Institution.

Our favorite online public domain art collections (with a little space and tech thrown in, too!)

Let us help you create something beautiful and lasting.