The MustRead for Sunday, October 22, 2017

1. If you only read one thing…

If you are a winery offering DtC services, you MUST make sure your site is listed on Wine Searcher. It’s free, it drives traffic straight to you, and, with over 4 million wine-interested visitors per month, it’s an essential addition to your digital marketing strategy.

This is the most important digital update you can do this week.


2. An Insta App that actually works

I’m sure we’ve tried every Insta app there is, with very little happiness. We were super excited to recently discover Plann. It works the way you think an Insta app should: save, schedule, share with teams, and our favourite feature is the Hashtag “notepad” (so you don’t need to leave the app to copy your hashtag collection). We like this one. Give it a try.


3. Adblockers may kick your ass, if you aren’t careful.

Google reports that 56% of online ad impressions aren’t seen; and 615 million devices around the world are blocking ads.

That means that businesses who are relying on paid advertising to drive traffic to their sites are fighting a losing battle. The solution is simple: be interesting. Make your site worth coming to. How do you do that? With great content. From the vineyard cam, to tasting room stories, to good ol’ food and wine blogging, wineries have no lack of stories you can tell. Start simple: dedicate one hour per week (I know, I know, but you can find the time) to sharing the story from the vineyard. And if writing isn’t your bag, move on to #4.


4. And while we’re talking content, time to get comfy with video

It is predicted that, by 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. Video establishes personality, builds trust, and creates an immersive experience better than any other content you can produce. It doesn’t need to be intimidating; here are a few tips for producing great video with your trusty smartphone. And here are the stats (infographic, because, visuals!), in case you need a little push.


5. I’ll leave you with this…STOP USING THAT PHOTO.

No, for real. I spend dozens of hours each week looking at winery websites, and that image (or one similar to it) is so ubiquitous that it says “we are like every other winery.”

USE PHOTOS OF PEOPLE, preferably joyful people. Site photos are a lot like house styling: you want to convince people what it feels like to drink your wine. Content that places your wine in the context of their lives (or the lives they aspire to) will help you sell more wine.

Happy Sunday, friends. See you next week.

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