We’ll call this, “Cat on Eggs”

We'll call this, "Cat on Eggs"

Happy Easter! And if you’re not down with Easter, Happy Chocolate Bunny Day!

I hope you all have better things to do today than read my newsletter, and stats say most of you will spend a goodly amount of time online. So here’s my short, sweet tip for this weekend: pay extra special attention to the sites you’re visiting. What do they do well? Is the navigation intuitive? Is their tone engaging? Does the imagery help you make your choice? And what annoys you? Is there insufficient product copy? No reviews to help you make an informed decision? Does the checkout process make you want to scream? While you’re at it, make notes! And next week, when we’re all back to the business of selling wine, use those notes to determine of your own site is making your customers nuts, too.

That’s it. Be off with you. Eat chocolate bunnies and tweet me pictures @mme_hammond, so my sugar-free self can live vicariously. 🐰

We’ll chat longer next week…