Mineral Wines and Spirits

Great products, great practices, great people.

In their own words, “Mineral burst forth into being in 2011, in response to the corporate, boring, mega-beige, yawn-fest that was taking hold of the beverage industry’s tender nether regions.” Colorful and accurate… how could we resist!

Mineral Wines logo superimposed on a textured background

Mineral’s selection, delivered

While Mineral had burst forth into the trade scene and made a great name for themselves among suppliers and retailers alike, they still lacked a digital presence of their own. When the decision to open a DTC channel online was made, they asked 5forests to help them create it.

Starting with a deep discovery workshop, 5forests helped Mineral clarify their DTC offer, position, and messaging. We sought to define their values, and to ensure that those values were embodied across their digital experience.

We created a Woocommerce-based ecommerce site for them using clear messaging, easy to follow layouts, and effective shopping flows. Combined with an integration into their inventory and order management software, the new site was easy for both staff and customers to use.



Wine, Beer, Spirits

Screenshot of Mineral home page hero section as created by 5forests
Stylistic mockup of Mineral website pages as designed by 5forests
Stylistic mockup of Mineral website on iphone to show responsivity as designed by 5forests

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