Who We Are

Wine lovers,
marketing gurus,
& design geeks

The Story of Us

5forests is the child of a decades-old love affair with good wine and good marketing.
We spent dozens of years writing copy, designing brands, building websites, and creating strategy for top selling makers & artisans. Until one day, we tired of seeing our dedicated winemaking friends fail to thrive because they lacked the extraordinary capital demanded by traditional wine marketers. We turned our attention to the wine industry…

How could we take 20 years of expertise and create effective, affordable marketing solutions for wine makers and wine lovers?

Why choose us?

Because we actually give a damn about the success of your wine business.
Look, marketers and designers are a dime a dozen, and it’s not our goal to compete with them. We dedicate many hours to remaining expert in the trends that impact your profits. We pour our heart and soul into building damn fine solutions for every client.

Director, Font Addict
Polly Hammond
Communications, Wine Hoarder
Keith Hammond
Developer, Code Prodigy
Michael Bourne
Wine Writer, Resident Millenial
Jemma Grobbelaar

& We’re just plain fun

We spend a lot of time reading juicy sites — like Meininger’s & Wine Business Monthly & Dribbble. Fortunately, we love this stuff. It means we can provide the most current, knowledgeable solutions for your wine business…and we spend our days surrounded by an industry we adore.

And, of course, we love our wine.
Head to Insta and see what we’ve been sampling lately. Cheers!