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Rebekah Pineda

Talking wine, with Rebekah Pineda

This month, Striker chatted with Rebekah Pineda of Domestique Wine. Headquartered in DC, they are one of Wine Enthusiast’s “top five natural wine shops in America.” Let’s see what we can all learn from how Domestique is building their brand! Natural wine has some amazing Labels! but some can be a bit risque, do you…

scuppernong grape

Release my people from the shackles of Hennessy

A viral tweet with over 43,000 likes sparking various forms of debate about Hennessy-infused foods from popcorn to chicken recently made the rounds on what’s colloquially known as “black Twitter”…

January Social Media Calendar

The Wine Seller’s Social Media Calendar, revised for a post-pandemic world

tl;dr The Links 5forests 2021 Social Media Calendar for Wine – A0 5forests 2021 Social Media Calendar for Wine – Letter 💛 Greetings wonderful wine folk! Let me begin by apologizing to Cathy. I promised her last year that I would send out a 2020 calendar, but the world went mad and I traded in…

Love and Happiness

We’re back, we’re back, we’re back! And you’re here, too! And that makes me happy. 😊 But if it doesn’t make you happy (and let’s be honest, you haven’t heard from me in almost a year, I get it), go on and unsubscribe. You can come back anytime and I’ll still love you. And that’s…

The Influencers

As part of our ongoing series on wine communication, Fabien Lainé, Paul Mabray, Terry Xu, Mike Ratcliffe, and Scott Eddy take the lid off the world of influencers. How important are they really? What rules do they follow? How real are the numbers of followers they claim? A lively RBW debate!


Continuing the theme we began with India and Brazil, we look at Russia, one of the wine world’s most under-appreciated markets – where good wine is being produced, too.

Writing, With Karen MacNeil

With over a million copies sold, Karen MacNeil tops the wine writing charts in the US. Hers was the only book that featured in the Netflix movie, Uncorked. Now she’s moved online with virtual tastings.

Orange is the New Black

Simon Woolf, award-winning author of Amber Wine, talks skin contact with rosé expert Liz Gabay MW, winemaker Tony Milanowski of Rathfinny Estate and natural wine distributor Doug Wregg of Les Caves de Pyrene.

Selling Wine at Every Level

Dan Jago has been at the head of Bibendum one of Britain’s leading wine wholesalers, Tesco’s global wine division – one of the world’s largest by volume – and Berry Bros & Rudd, the UK’s oldest fine wine merchant. In other words, he knows A LOT about wine distribution, from presenting Pétrus and Le Pin…