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Your website probably isn’t accessible

I’m known for my matter-of-fact writing and talking style. I come by it naturally, so I hope readers aren’t offended if I tell them that their websites aren’t accessible, and that’s a dick move. I covered this 2 years ago in my “Don’t be a dick” series. You can read that here: Accessibility, compliance, and…

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5 resources to inspire your new winery website

New year, new site? If recent downloads of our free templates are any indication, wineries around the world are making website resolutions for 2022. One of the beauties of our Gutenberg-based winery templates is just how easy it is to make them your own – from simply rearranging demo content to building pages from scratch.…

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Facebook Conversion Tracking: Commerce7’s secret weapon

Commerce7 has something no other wine DTC platform has: an app dedicated to properly tracking conversions on Facebook. Ok, maybe it’s not so secret… many wineries and agencies alike already use this app and love it. But it never hurts to remind everyone else that it’s available, and why almost every winery should be using…

January Social Media Calendar

The Wine Seller’s Social Media Calendar, revised for a post-pandemic world

tl;dr The Links 5forests 2021 Social Media Calendar for Wine – A0 5forests 2021 Social Media Calendar for Wine – Letter 💛 Greetings wonderful wine folk! Let me begin by apologizing to Cathy. I promised her last year that I would send out a 2020 calendar, but the world went mad and I traded in…

Love and Happiness

We’re back, we’re back, we’re back! And you’re here, too! And that makes me happy. 😊 But if it doesn’t make you happy (and let’s be honest, you haven’t heard from me in almost a year, I get it), go on and unsubscribe. You can come back anytime and I’ll still love you. And that’s…

Europe Behind the Scenes with Irene Tolleret

Irene Tolleret is one of the most entertainingly outspoken politicians you will ever see on any screen. While not running Mas d’Auzières, her successful little Pic St Loup domaine, since 2019 she has worked as a member of the European Parliament. As a fluent Japanese speaker, she is a member of the delegation to Japan,…

Independents Day with Graham Holter and Mike Boyne

On the eve of July 4th, highly respected trade writer, Graham Holter, and Mike Boyne, award-winning owner of Bin 2 in Padstow, one of Britain’s most dynamic small wine retailers. lift the lid on how the UK’s independent retailers have fared during the CV-19 lockdon and what the future may hold in store for them.

COVID-19: The Impact

Three months after the world really began to pay attention to COVID-19, Professor Simone Loose of Geisenheim University in Germany and Rob McMillan of the Silicon Valley Bank in California share their knowledge and research findings of how the wine business has been affected.