Future-proof your tasting room experience with customer-centric design

Welcome to the forefront of transformative tasting experiences. At 5forests, we empower wine, beer, and spirits businesses to take a customer-centric approach to Tasting Room, Cellar Door, or retail experience design. Our mission is simple: to help you craft environments and experiences that resonate with your guests on a personal level, turning every visit into a chance to foster loyalty, encourage word-of-mouth, and differentiate your brand in a crowded market.

Two men sharing a joyful moment at a restaurant, sitting close together with glasses of red wine. one has blonde hair, the other has dark, curly hair. a bouquet of red roses adds a romantic touch to the scene.

Create a space for moments that matter with our experience design consulting

Customer experience audits

Take a fresh look at your tasting room or taproom with our comprehensive experience audits. We’ll evaluate your current setup to identify areas for improvement uncover opportunities for you to surprise and delight your guests..

Tasting Room design

Captivate them from the moment they step in the door. We’ll blend your brand’s story with innovative design, creating an immersive space that enhances customer interaction, fosters deep connections, and encourages repeat visits and social sharing.

Staff training & engagement strategies

Empower your staff to make lasting impressions. We’ll provide training and strategies that equip your team with the skills to forge genuine connections with guests and turn every visit into something worth sharing.

Share an experience that speaks to the heart

Ready to redefine your tasting room experience? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how customer-centric experience design can open the door for better sales, loyalty, and advocacy.