Market Research & Insights

Whether you’re launching a new business, developing a new product, or expanding into new markets, success relies on understanding the myriad market forces that can have big impact on your results.

5forests’ Research & Insights framework is used by businesses worldwide to simplify a complex picture of your environment, market, and resources into actionable insights. Because we work only with lifestyle industries, we can work faster and smarter, accessing the very latest in industry research, and articulating in clear language what it means for your business.

Illustration of three girls heads, joined together by hair
H. Stratton, Three girl heads from Songs For Little People, 1896. Original from the British Library.

Macroenvironmental Analysis

Labor issues, international trade agreements, supply chain disruptions, aging populations… Whether we like it or not, resilient business growth is at the mercy of local and global issues beyond our control. Yet, far too often, comprehensive research falls into the too hard basket, leaving businesses at risk of surprise upheaval.

5forests taps into current (not outdated!) global news and data to unearth the external factors most likely to present risks or opportunities to your plans.

Competitor Analysis

One of the pitfalls of lifestyle businesses — food, wine, travel, beauty, fashion — is that we often jump into creating something that we love, without fully researching who and what is already out there. This can lead to costly mistakes in pricing, positioning, and market interest.

Our Competitor Analysis framework helps you understand where you can kick ass, when you need to refine your ideas, and when collaboration is the better approach.

Organizational & Resource Assessments

We know, this sounds dull; but anyone who has ever overcommitted or overspent will understand the benefits of assessing what you can manage and how best to spend your time and money.

We will work with you to clarify needs, establish priorities, and identify your options for working inhouse or outsourcing to partners to meet your business goals.

Market Research

The past five years have seen an explosion in new businesses tapping into ecommerce solutions. All too often these brands launch without a clear understanding of the lifestyles, goals, and needs of their customer (or potential customer).

5forests’ qualitative and quantitative market research brings empathy and understanding to your business. With it, you’ll know to connect with your customers, reach underserved segments, identify future opportunities, and kick the pants off your competition.

Need better insights in language that makes sense?