Customer Persona Development

What’s the number one rule of Marketing? You are not your customer.

5forests’ unique narrative approach to Customer Persona Development has become a benchmark of customer-centric marketing for drinks businesses. We’ll help you move beyond basic demographics to embrace the rich, complex individuals who love your products. This deep understanding informs every decision, creating a customer-centric business poised for growth and sustained success.

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Make friends with your customers

Effective customer personas go beyond segmenting your market; they bring to life the diverse individuals who interact with your brand, providing a foundation for empathy-driven engagement. For wineries, breweries, and distilleries, where experiences are personal and expectations high, having a deep understanding of your customer base allows you to tailor every aspect of your business—from the tasting room atmosphere to the online shopping experience—to meet and exceed these expectations.

Stakeholder interviews

We’ll start by gathering qualitative data through in-depth interviews with your leadership, marketing, sales, and tasting room staff, who offer valuable insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and feedback based on their daily interactions.

Observational research

Our team can conduct on-site observational research, noting firsthand the behaviors, interactions, and engagement levels of customers in the tasting room environment, capturing nuances that go beyond self-reported data.

Voice of Customer (VoC)+ analysis

We’ll complement our qualitative research with VoC+ data, analyzing online reviews, social media interactions, and customer feedback to round out our understanding of your customers’ online behavior and preferences.

Customer narratives

Using the rich data collected, we’ll craft memorable and meaningful customer personas that reflect the varied audience segments your business attracts. Each persona is equipped with motivations, preferences, pain points, and loyalty drivers to guide strategic decisions.

Strategy integration

Beyond persona development, we can help your team integrate these personas into your strategic planning and tactical implementation, from marketing to product development and customer experience design.

Get to know the people who matter

Ready to transform your customer understanding and elevate every aspect of your winery, brewery, or distillery experience? Contact us today to learn how our Customer Persona Development Services can unlock new levels of customer insight and engagement for your business.