Design Thinking Workshops

In the world of wine, beer, and spirits, where tradition meets innovation and customers are always evolving, competitive edge means taking a proactive approach to problem-solving and creativity. Our Design Thinking Workshops empower your teams to innovate with intention. Through these interactive sessions, we’ll help you cultivate a culture of creativity and strategic problem-solving, guiding your teams to think outside the box and devise solutions that address customer needs in novel and impactful ways.

A person in a futuristic reflective silver spacesuit and a helmet with a colorful, iridescent visor is posing with one leg bent forward on a gradient background transitioning from red to green.

Innovate with intention

Design Thinking is a structured approach to innovation that puts your customer’s needs and experiences at the forefront of problem-solving. It encourages multidisciplinary teams to collaborate and iterate on creative solutions, leading to products, services, and experiences that resonate deeply with customers. For wineries, breweries, and distilleries, adopting a Design Thinking mindset can transform the way you approach today’s challenges, leading to innovative offerings that set you apart from your competition.

Empathize with your customers

We’ll start by deepening your team’s understanding of your customers, using empathy exercises to get to the heart of their needs, preferences, and challenges.

Define the challenges

Armed with customer insights, we’ll guide your team in clearly articulating the challenges and opportunities facing your business, setting the stage for targeted innovation.

“Open thinking” for creative solutions

In this phase, we’ll encourage free-thinking and creativity, facilitating brainstorming sessions that generate a wide range of potential solutions, no matter how out-of-the-box.

Test, test, test

Your team will learn to quickly turn ideas into tangible tests and gather feedback for a cycle of continuous improvement.

Implement and iterate

Beyond the workshop, we deliver strategies for implementing the most promising solutions, ensuring they are effectively integrated into your business and continuously refined based on real-world performance.

Find the focus you need to grow

By participating in our Design Thinking Workshops, your winery, brewery, or distillery will emerge with a renewed focus on innovation, equipped with practical tools and strategies to solve challenges in ways that truly resonate with customers. Contact us today to learn more about our Design Thinking Workshops and how they can help you innovate with intention.