Customer experience Audits

In the quest to design tasting rooms, taprooms, and cellar doors that resonate with your customers, assumptions and surface-level analysis simply don’t cut it. Our Customer Experience Audits delve deeper, employing observational research techniques to capture the authentic user journey. This method provides an unfiltered view of customer interactions, revealing friction points, unmet needs, and opportunities for innovation that are often overlooked in traditional research methodologies.

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Transform your customer’s experience

Experience Audits offer the clarity and depth of understanding necessary to craft experiences that truly delight and engage users. By bringing the subtleties of user interaction to light, we empower businesses to make informed, empathetic decisions that elevate the overall customer experience.

In-depth observational studies

We’ll conduct thorough observational studies, employing techniques such as shadowing, ethnographic research, and contextual inquiries to gather comprehensive insights into customer behavior and experiences.

Customer journey mapping

Utilizing the data collected, we’ll create detailed customer journey maps that highlight key touchpoints, emotions, and opportunities for enhancing the user experience.

Usability analysis

By closely observing how customers interact with your product or service, we’ll identify usability issues and areas for improvement, providing a foundation for targeted enhancements.

Engagement and satisfaction analysis

We’ll assess levels of engagement and satisfaction across various stages of the customer journey, pinpointing what works well and what needs rethinking.

Strategic recommendations

Armed with deep insights, we’ll offer strategic recommendations for experience optimization, tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of your customer base.

Implementation and support

Beyond identifying insights, we’ll assist in implementing changes and continuously support the optimization process to ensure ongoing improvements in customer experience.

Ready to delve deep into your customers’ real-world experiences?

Our Experience Audit services are the key to uncovering the nuanced behaviors and needs of your users, driving significant improvements in your product or service design. Contact us today to unlock the potential of expert research.