A plain-spoken guide to your data and privacy.

If you read anything we write, you know that your privacy is important to us, and we think GDPR is pretty swell. We want you to know exactly how we collect information, as well as what services make our site work.

Data collection: On our site, we ask for personal information are on our newsletter submission form and our contact form, that’s it! And since that information has no reason to live on our site, we delete those submissions from the website records monthly. If you subscribe to the Must Read, your data is housed with Campaign Monitor, and you may unsubscribe at any time. Like many sites, we use Google Analytics to track usage, behaviour, and statistics.

Third-party services: These are the foundations of our site, or sometimes help it look pretty. We backup on Dropbox, host on Vulture and Digital Ocean, create automated emails with Postmark, and use fonts from Typekit.

But just to be safe: Did you know that there is no automation to alert you when privacy terms have changed? We’ve included below any services that we think we might one day implement on the site. These include payment processing, heatmaps, an instagram feed, and alternate providers of the services you see above.

But, just to be clear, here’s the legal version, too:

Privacy Policy