Informed decision making is at the heart of every successful business. Our strategy services provide your organization with the insights necessary to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time. We help you understand what a market needs and what the competition looks like. We take the guesswork out of spending and ensure that you start (or continue!) with a plan that keeps your business relevant and resilient, even when the world goes mad.

Fine art painting of a historic clipper ship Three Brothers, sailing on the open ocean.
Clipper Ship Three Brothers, the largest sailing ship in the world published by Currier & Ives. Original from Library of Congress.

Chart your path to success.

With our dedicated focus on lifestyle sectors, 5forests brings unparalleled knowledge, insight, and experience to your brand strategy. We draw upon the latest qualitative and quantitative research to ensure that your decisions balance long-term planning with short-term concerns. And we push ourselves to always keep learning, so that we know what’s on the horizon for our clients.

Market Research & Insights

5forests’ Research & Insights framework is used by businesses worldwide to simplify a complex picture of your environment, market, and resources into actionable insights. Because we work only with lifestyle industries, we can work faster and smarter, accessing the very latest in industry research, and articulating in clear language what it means for your business.

Eliminate the guesswork with informed Market Research

Customer Personas & Journeys

5forests’ Customer Persona and Journey framework has become a benchmark of customer-centric marketing success. Balancing qualitative and quantitative data with credible anecdotal feedback, our approach allows you to experience your brand from your customers’ perspective, revealing insights into their decision making, attitudes, concerns, and criteria.

Get to know the people who matter with meaningful Customer Persona work

Audits & Analytics

5forests’ Audits dive deep into your first-party data and user experience to identify opportunities and weaknesses in your website, social media, email marketing, and digital advertising. A 5forests audit is ideal for businesses who have their own inhouse teams but need a fresh look at what’s going on. Our recommendations will help you and your team develop a plan of action for change: how to spend your marketing dollars, where to spend, and where to save.

Let us help you understand what’s holding you back

For years, 5forests has made it our mission to identify key issues that will impact anyone with an online presence. From privacy legislation (such as GDPR, CCPA) and accessibility requirements, to the downfall of iOS tracking and rise of permission marketing, we have been at the forefront of identifying and communicating the trends that mean change, so that our clients remain compliant and competitive from the very start.

Gain a picture of what’s to come

Sustainable Strategy Workshops

These workshops, conducted onsite in collaboration with your stakeholders, are designed for inhouse marketers & business leaders who want to ensure your growth strategies remain relevant and robust amidst evolving market, consumer, and regulatory demands.

5forests’ unique customer-first framework can help you clarify direction, identify threats, and maximize competitive advantage. Plus, our collaborative approach prepares your team to adapt as needed, reducing your ongoing dependence on outside consulting.

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