Voice of the Customer (VoC)+

We all see it: the wine, beer, and spirits customer is changing—and the key to differentiation and growth lies in understanding and responding to the voice of your customer. Our Voice of Customer (VoC)+ services are designed to capture, analyze, and act upon customer feedback across all touchpoints, empowering your drinks business with the insights needed to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

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Listen, understand, and excel

Voice of the Customer (VoC)+ encapsulates the entirety of your customers’ experiences, expectations, and preferences. It’s about listening to what your customers are not just saying but also doing. By integrating digital feedback mechanisms (the + in our VoC programs), we can help you gain a more nuanced understanding of real-world and digital customer behaviors, guiding your product and service enhancements with precision.

Digital feedback collection

We’ll leverage cutting-edge tools to collect digital feedback through heatmaps, screen recordings, and clickmaps, offering direct insight into how customers interact with your online platforms.

In-depth behavioral analysis

Our analytics delve deep into the digital feedback, uncovering how customers navigate, what catches their attention, and where they face obstacles.

Strategic insight integration

Aligning closely with your team, we’ll ensure these insights directly inform your business strategies, user experience improvements, and product development initiatives.

Meaningful reporting and visualization

Our tailored reports and visualizations bring customer behavior to life, highlighting key areas for action and improvement.

Ongoing optimization and support

Recognizing the dynamic nature of digital interactions, we’ll provide continuous analysis and recommendations, ensuring your digital platforms evolve in line with customer expectations and behaviors.

Drive growth through better customer insights

Transform your approach to understanding customer needs with our Voice of the Customer (VoC)+ program. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you capture, analyze, and integrate customer insights into every aspect of your business.