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“We don’t know where to start…or what we’re doing wrong.”
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Let’s face it, today’s wine businesses have a problem. Competition is high, your audience is changing, sales channels are shifting, regulations are a hassle, and communication is simply impossible to keep up with.  And on top of that, you’ve still got to make the wine!

5forests is a global digital marketing agency for the wine industry. We work with wine businesses who are ready to embrace new possibilities and transform your bottom line. We know that pretty pictures mean nothing if the wines don’t sell. And we bring strong data, expert knowledge, and strategic understanding of this industry to each client experience.

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Frankly, I could not have done it without Polly. Her skill set, experience and knowledge in this field are literally the most proficient I have ever come across. Polly has a unique analytical approach to a task. This combined with her natural high EQ enabled us to fast track our work, get things done and get them done right – first time. Polly’s leadership skills are second to none. She listens carefully and questions, absorbing the challenge/issue and working through best practice solutions every time.
Sue Duncan, NZ Boutique Wine Festival

We are delighted by the work you and your 5forests team did on ACORN Winery’s website audit. We needed a respected and knowledgeable third party to review, evaluate, and critique ACORN’s website, and you totally delivered. Your work helped us focus on key changes needed to improve the user experience quality, and to encourage more folks visit/buy. Your audit provided us exactly what we needed. You provided us with a comprehensive, informative, and valuable overview, that included actionable recommendations, and guidance. Your style, (both professional, and friendly), made the process painless, and we look forward, to continuing to work together.
Betsy & Bill Nachbaur, ACORN Winery

A strategy workshop with Polly was all about finding out who we are, who we say we are and what others say we are. We know now why customers will choose our brand over another and we have a clear brand statement which goes hand in hand with all our solid, engaging and social media savvy (very important nowadays) communications internally and externally. Polly won’t just boost your brand with the energy and passion to succeed but she is hands-on involved in the planning, strategy and execution of the brand discovery. She makes you discover who you are to realize who you want to be.
Jemma Grobbelaar, JG Wine & Drinks


You wake up with the sun each day to pour your heart into a dream. To produce your life’s work, carry on your family’s heritage. To embrace art, and science. To share your story, and make the world a little more beautiful.
Funny, it’s not that much different from what we do.

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