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Smart marketing,
Growing wineries.

We are a digital marketing agency specializing in the needs of the wine industry, with headquarters in Auckland, Los Angeles, & Calgary. Our dedicated band of thinkers, designers, developers, and writers are transforming how wine businesses think about marketing.

Audience Building
Winery Websites
Wine Writing
Social Media

We bring the full weight of wine industry research and data to your projects, significantly reducing costs and increasing your chances of successful brand building.

Finally, a pricing model
that protects your cash flow

Our goal is that you never again reach that crisis moment of, "we need a complete overhaul." Instead of high-cost, short-term solutions that leave little for adaptation and growth, our subscription-based pricing means that your marketing stays current and your cashflow stays happy.

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How We Work

Listen &

We’ll get to know you. And we want you to get to know us, too. Before we get to work, we’ll take the time to understand you, your wine biz, your competition, and most importantly, your customers. And we’ll be honest. If we aren’t the right team for your project, we’ll tell you so.

Discovery & Strategy

We’re going to research the bejeezus out of your winery — and your competition. And then we’ll use all that knowledge to lay out a plan of action. We’ll assess goals, gather data, find opportunities. And because we only work with wine biz, we’ll draw on niche skills to create a strategy that produces results.


Where the rubber meets the road. This is when we hunker down at our desks and use big words like user experience, interaction design, visual design, content and asset development, social media management, mobile design and development, SEO optimization. Fortunately, we do all that hard stuff for you, so you can care for the vines.

Launch &

No lie, it’s like giving birth. Every project is unique and we work our butts off to make sure that your launch is a success. But, let’s face it, the weeks ahead are what count. We don’t handover and disappear. We nurture, build, adapt your marketing for consistent results.

Adaptation &

Maybe Instagram has launched a new service, or Google is cracking down on annoying pop-ups. Maybe tech advances mean we can create a more immersive customer experience. Or data shows us that we can increase audience engagement. This is the 5forests difference: when we see that something isn't working, or can be improved, we'll let you know. And because it won't cost you anything extra, you'll say, "Go for it!" Crisis-free digital marketing ftw!

  • "Polly was able to pull the vague ideas I had about my business out of my head and turn them into a cohesive message and brand that my customers really relate to."

    Rachel M., Web Design & Development

  • "Polly is the magical unicorn of awesomeness."
    (and, no, we didn't make that up!)

    Shannon S., Web Design & Development, Business Development

  • "We have tripled our annual income since we started working with Polly."

    Dan & Jo, The Full Monty

  • "I am completely blown away by the quality of the finished designs. It was so much more than I ever envisioned."

    Ann M., Visual Design & Book Production

  • "Don't hire 5forests"

    Said no one ever.

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