Good marketing puts the customer first. It’s as simple as that.

At 5forests, we use an empathy-driven approach to ensure that we are speaking the right message to the right people at the right time. By combining well informed strategy with powerful insights, our iterative process optimizes channel performance, enhances customer experience, and ultimately leads to greater revenue and profits.

three rows of collotypes showing a woman in various poses kneeling and standing
Edweard Muybridge, Miscellaneous, stooping, kneeling, etc. From a portfolio of 83 collotypes, 1887; part of 781 plates published under the auspices of the University of Pennsylvania. Original from the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

5forests is the full service marketing agency trusted by lifestyle businesses worldwide to cut through the bullshit and deliver results. 

Whether you need a full service partner to handle all your marketing chores, or one-off support to set you on your path, we bring the same dedication and care to every client experience.

On Call (Fractional) CMO Support

Are you a new founder who needs to ensure you’ve not missed anything? A CEO who needs to know what’s the best next step? A marketer who needs a trustworthy sense check? 5forests’ Fractional CMO support is a cost effective way to get the answers you need without the commitment of a new hire.

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Email & Permission Marketing

5forests can help you nurture your email list to provide subscribers a valuable experience that increases loyalty, drives advocacy, and helps you accomplish your goals. We take a customer-centric approach to email strategy, meeting your fans where they are in their journey; and our emphasis on data privacy and accessibility mean that your email marketing adheres to today’s best practices.

Grow your LTV with Email & Permission marketing

Social Media Advertising

At 5forests, we don’t rely on “set-and-forget” ads or AI-driven campaigns. Our social media advertising is crafted by real people who understand you, your goals, and your audience; we regularly monitor performance to achieve best results; and we stay abreast of changes that will impact your advertising so that nothing sneaks up on you.

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Search Engine Optimization

5forests’ SEO strategy drives the organic traffic that helps build awareness and loyalty. Our SEO expertise brings more interested users to your site, helps you rank higher in search engines, and converts traffic into sales. SEO might be a long game, but it’s game that 5forests knows how to play.

Improve your visibility with expert Search Engine Optimization

Data Driven Design

5forests’ Data-Driven Design services relies upon measurable user insights — not guesswork — to iteratively improve your website and help you reach your goals. The result? Happy customers, increased conversions, and a website site that can grow with you now… and tomorrow.

Use Data Driven Design to drive sales and loyalty

GROW for Emerging Brands

Since the day we opened our doors, 5forests has quietly worked alongside emerging brands who embody the best of their industry: creativity, communication, tenacity, joy. With GROW with 5forests, we finally democratise this initiative, opening the door for businesses across the lifestyle spectrum to access expert advice and practical assistance.

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