Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be at the heart of any website marketing plan, especially since organic traffic is more affordable and far more beneficial to your long term success than paid traffic. 5forests’ SEO strategy drives that organic traffic.

Our SEO expertise brings more interested users to your site, helps you rank higher in search engines, and converts traffic into sales. SEO might be a long game, but it’s game that 5forests knows how to play.

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In-depth SEO audits

To kick off any SEO strategy, we’ll thoroughly audit your website, your competitors, the market, your keywords, and your rankings. See where you stand, where you fall behind, and what others are doing better or worse for those first page rankings.

Technical SEO

The foundations of any SEO strategy begin with your website and your content. We’ll run a technical audit on everything you’ve got, fix any deficiencies, and improve every possible aspect of your existing website.

Content performance

Once we’re sure your technical SEO is up to par, we’ll work with you on your actual content, and come up with a plan to enhance it for search engine performance. Whether that includes rewriting and augmenting or trimming down and improving, we’ll make sure your existing content is written to rank.

Local SEO

Often overlooked but always important for businesses with a physical location, local SEO can make or break your local promotion efforts. Appearing first in the local pack should be a top priority, and 5forests can help you get there.

User experience (UX) improvements

Ranking isn’t just about the search engine’s opinion on your content and authority, it’s also reliant upon user experience. How long do people stay on your site, how easy is it to navigate, how fast does it perform? We’ll make sure no opportunity is lost to improve their experience.

Stop leaving SEO success to chance.