Trends & Forecasting

We always wonder how lifestyle businesses are supposed to stay abreast of all things coming down the digital pipeline. It’s just not possible!

For years, 5forests has made it our mission to identify key issues that will impact your online presence. From privacy legislation (such as GDPR, CCPA) and accessibility requirements, to the downfall of iOS tracking and rise of permission marketing, we have been at the forefront of identifying and communicating the trends that mean change, so that our clients remain compliant and competitive.

Vintage Japanese woodblock. Green background with white, black, and lime green horizontal zig zags
Furuya Korin, Vintage woodblock print of Japanese textile from Shima-Shima, 1904.

What we’re looking into (hint: it’s not a crystal ball)

There’s no magic to trends and forecasting, but there is plenty of reading, research, and listening. While each client experience is different, and so too is their research, we commonly look to the following to help see what the future may hold.

  • PESTLE analysis
  • Seasonal and cyclical behaviors
  • Zeitgeist
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Pattern analysis
  • Lifecycle of adoption
  • Scenario planning
  • Cross-cultural analysis
1920s fashion plate of woman wearing long fur trimmed dress looking into large crystal ball.
George Barbier, L’Empire du monde Robe du soir, de Worth from Gazette du Bon Ton, Art- Modes & Frivolités No 6, 1924. Original from The Rijksmuseum

Is your business futureproof?