Sustainable Web Design

The internet has an undeniable environmental impact on the world, representing roughly one billion tons of greenhouse gases a year! 5forests takes sustainability seriously, and we’re working towards reducing our impact and yours. We do this from the ground up with green power architecture, carbon neutral technology partners, modern web design, and intelligent development choices. Proof that sustainable web design isn’t a hinderance, it’s the future.

Fine art painting of red sun in light blue sky, over forests of green ferns, trees, cacti, and flowers.
Henri Rousseau, Virgin Forest with Sunset, 1910 (adapted). Original from the Kunstmuseum Basel Museum.

Sustainability is a must, not a want

Sustainable web design starts with an understanding of how the technology we use impacts the environment, and how early decisions can mean hefty results (for better or for worse!).

5forests can work with you to develop a digital plan that reduces the overall energy consumption of your site and optimizes its carbon footprint. Years of experience in modern web design, plus our own sustainability measures, provide a tried and true benchmark for sustainable choices. We achieve these goals through methods such as:

  • Renewable energy powered green web hosting
  • Carbon neutral technology partners
  • Efficient site architecture and planning
  • Sustainable design practices
  • Meaningful user experiences, not distractions
  • Impact testing and improvement
  • Carbon offsets and tree planting
Vintage Japanese painting of red, orange and pink maple leaves on a single maple branch.
Megata Morikaga, Branch of Momiji maple tree with leaves and seeds, 1870–1880. Original from Library of Congress.

Practicing what we preach

At 5forests, sustainability is more than a marketing buzzword. We actively pursue climate-positive choices in how we live and do business.

1pct for planet logo

Donating 1% of our annual revenue

As a member of 1% for the Planet, 5forests has pledged a minimum of 1% of our revenue toward collective fundraising that tackles our planet’s most pressing issues.

Shield-shaped bade with plantings and sun, reads "Top 100"

Planting trees for future generations

5forests has over 130,000 trees planted on Ecologi, and numerous wineries planting trees with every order with our Plant trees app on Commerce7

Circular shaped badge with sun and windmills, reads "100"

Reducing our carbon footprint

This website uses only 1g of carbon per page view. Our website is powered by green energy hosting, carbon neutral technology partners, and is built with sustainable web design practices.

earth first ecommerce badge with abstract plant growing from ground

Launching initiatives to improve our world

5forests has kickstarted Earth First Ecommerce® so other ecommerce websites can effectively evaluate and improve their carbon footprint.

Join us in making the internet more sustainable.