Europe Behind the Scenes with Irene Tolleret

Irene Tolleret is one of the most entertainingly outspoken politicians you will ever see on any screen.

While not running Mas d’Auzières, her successful little Pic St Loup domaine, since 2019 she has worked as a member of the European Parliament. As a fluent Japanese speaker, she is a member of the delegation to Japan, and is on the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. She is also a close observer of European relations with the US and the UK as it goes through Brexit, and very much involved in efforts to counter climate change. She talks about all of these subjects, and a lot more besides.

Real Business of Wine

The Real Business of Wine is an initiative by Robert Joseph, aka the Wine Thinker, and Polly Hammond, aka 5forests. Its launch coincides with a day when wine professionals would have been focused on Prowein. This is no coincidence. COVID-19 is going to have as profound and unknowable an effect on the wine industry; but this is only one of a number of challenges we have to face, ranging from climate change to cannabis-drinks and artificial intelligence. Every RBW webinar will bring together top professionals from across the world to share their expertise and experience on a specific topic with a global community.