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Welcome to episode 948 in which host Polly Hammond interviews Adam Lechmere in this episode of Uncorked.

Today we welcome Adam Lechmere, veteran wine writer, consultant editor of Club Oenologique and all around lovely bloke. Adam is bringing the skinny on this week’s London Wine Fair, and letting me ask him all sorts of questions about regenerative agriculture, the world’s most expensive wine, and how the hell we are supposed to communicate a complex topic to different audiences across fractured markets.

More about today’s guest:
Adam Lechmere has been writing about wine for more than 20 years. Consultant editor of Club Oenologique, formerly launch editor of, he has contributed to many journals and newspapers including Decanter, World of Fine Wine, Meininger’s, the Guardian and the Observer. Before joining the wine world he worked for the BBC, and as a music and film journalist.

To learn more visit:
Insta: @adam_lechmere

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Polly Hammond

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