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Welcome to episode 868 in which host Polly Hammond interviews David James in this episode of Uncorked

Show notes:
Coming from a background in fashion photography and cognitive psychology (what a pairing!), David James creates what I think is one of the most dynamic social media accounts on Instagram today — despite himself being a non-drinker. Today, we talk to David about what it means to capture the essence of a brand and the attention of your audience, without being fixated on what’s in the bottle.

More about today’s guest:
“I have tried so many times to give up taking pictures and do something honourable with my life. But it keeps crawling back. I think I am cursed to do it.”
David James has been working professionally in the photography biz since 1999. Since then DJ has worked in New Zealand and New York as a professional photographer – shooting bands and fashion, and only taking a short time out to nab a PhD in cognitive psychology at Victoria University in Wellington.
“Make people fall in love with you before you sell them s**t.”
Alongside his thriving fashion photography client list, in 2018, David took on the wine world as Social Media content and copywriter for Misty Cove Wines in Marlborough, NZ. The result is one of the most dynamic winery social media you’ll find on Instagram. “

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