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Welcome to episode 906 in which host Polly Hammond interviews Jono Le Feuvre in this episode of Uncorked

In this episode, we are joined by Jono Le Feuvre, wine writer and Founder of the Han Drinks Solo wine community. Jono’s extensive wine knowledge paired with a keen sense of humor and love affair with pop culture has seen his popularity sky rocket at a time when many people are asking if there is a future for wine writing. In this episode, we talk about talking about wine, and what new wine journalists can learn from Jono’s approach to communication.

About today’s guest
A journalist by trade, but alchemist by inclination, Jono Le Feuvre is the founder of the the Han Drinks Solo Wine Community; an access point for highly limited wines, weird cultivars, wine education content, group tastings, and the formation of friendships based on a shared passion. He is a two-time finalist in the Jancis Robinson Wine Writing Competition and writes on both wine and specialty coffee for Jono founded the HanDrinksSolo Wine Club in 2016 and produces video content for

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