Tourism – Being There

A picture of a man wearing sandals, long shorts and blue t-shirt and carrying a big backpack, at the top of a viewpoint with a beautiful landscape underneath a blue sky with flufy clouds. He is excited with his arms raised. Text says "tourism - being there".

In recent years, wine tourism has become a mantra, a magic pill than, when associated with tasting room fees and Direct To Consumer sales can be the key to winery profitability. But what happened when a virus abruptly halts the stream of visitors, or when possible wine tourists who are trying to reduce their carbon footprints cut back their travel. And how to handle all of your neighbours offering the same experiences as you’ve been doing?

Portrait of Polly Hammond

Polly Hammond

Polly Hammond is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and consultant, and founder of forests. She helps businesses build and implement robust strategies that drive measurable growth.