30 days of Instagram ideas for wineries

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30 days of Instagram ideas

  1. Your Team. Great Gallery content, or break up over days. Who does what in the winery? Plus, honoring these people builds loyalty and shows gratitude.
  2. Your workspace. Hint: it’s not always vines. Help us understand what else makes great wine!
  3. Your latest blog post.
  4. A post from the past. Pick one that is timely (season, holiday) and was popular.
  5. BEER! Really, we all know that wine is made with a lot of beer :D, so show us what you’re drinking! If you’re not a beer drinker, go for coffee. A perfect cup a joe.
  6. (ugh…) A selfie. Yes, really.
  7. Explain your logo! I find wine logos fascinating; what was the inspiration for yours?
  8. A total, epic fail….but an entertaining, shareable one, not a heavy, weepy one. Something that has gone haywire, told with humor and acceptance.
  9. Your most used tool. Mine is my computer, one of my clients says it’s her secateurs…what helps you get the job done?
  10. A testimonial! User-generated content (stuff written by other people) is your best friend. Make it work for you.
  11. Repost customer/follower pics of your wine/winery.
  12. Go way back and show the history of the vineyard, business. How far back can you go? First planting, historical black and whites?
  13. A reminder to join your email list! Tell them why it’s worthwhile and put the link in your bio.
  14. A day in the life. Great gallery content. Take some snaps or use some you have on file and show us what keeps you busy. Again, it’s not always pretty pics of grapes.
  15. Ask an open-ended question. Really good for building rapport. “Who’s headed away this holiday weekend? We’re working and can’t get away. Let us live vicariously!” Even better, can you ask a question that requires a photo response? Have them tag you in their photos!
  16. The person who inspired you to enter the wine business. (In our case, it was my husband’s dad, who was a sr exec in the wine industry for 30+ years.)
  17. What do you do when you are NOT surrounded by wine? Show us a little of your life, whether it’s reading a good book or hiking tall mountains.
  18. The view from your desk. Even (no, especially!) if it’s funny.  Mine right now is a windowsill with half a dozen (dirty) coffee mugs. Yeah yeah….
  19. PETS! I mean, let’s face it, you could only use pet pics and be fine. The internet is built on cats (and porn, but let’s not go there…)
  20. Pests! Okay, not really, but the “accidental” winery pets, such as rabbits, birds, spiders, bumblebees.
  21. Answer a frequently asked question about your wine. What is most asked in the tasting room or via DM. Then, encourage followers to ask their own questions of you!
  22. Celebrate something! (life hint, you should celebrate SOMETHING every damn day, even if it’s just a glorious sunrise or a day when you can curl up under the covers and watch netflix all day)
  23. An announcement. Introduce a new person, product, service, or feature.
  24. A recipe. Put the whole darn recipe in the post, and if it’s not original (because who writes original recipes…), add attribution. And don’t forget to add wine.
  25. MOAR FOOD. Another subject that can never go wrong.
  26. Visitors! Show me a picture of joyful people drinking your wine.
  27. National Hashtag Days (these are lifesavers when you’re out of insta mojo.)
  28. Geography. You’d be amazed what people DON’T know about wine geography. Where are you and why does it matter?
  29. When in doubt, talk about the weather. But in wine terms. Why does the weather matter?
  30. Last, but not least, yes, you can take pictures of the grapes.
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