A Better Wine Story

A male preppy consumer holding two bottles of wine and reading the labels to compare them. Text reads "a better wine story".

Talk to almost anyone about marketing in any sector today and you’ll hear that ‘stories’ are essential. But what kinds of story actually help to persuade people to buy a wine? Joe Fattorini of the Wine Show – and formerly Berry Bros & Rudd – joins our panel along with Tom Parnell who blogs about wine as Old Parn, while holding down a day job running ecommerce for the Queen’s jewellers, Asprey; Cambridge Wine Blogger, Tom Lewis who earns his living in advertising; and Felicity Carter who edits Meininger’s Wine Business International but has also written romantic novels and edited erotic literature. The insights they provide, along with a guest appearance from Adrian Atkinson – ex-Oddbins, Jacobs Creek, Campo Viejo, and now with Wakefield/Taylor’s wines – make this one of the most useful sessions we have done, for anyone wanting to market their wine in 2020

Portrait of Polly Hammond

Polly Hammond

Polly Hammond is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and consultant, and founder of forests. She helps businesses build and implement robust strategies that drive measurable growth.