Italian Wine Podcast Ep. 777 Elizabeth Schneider | Uncorked

Welcome to episode 777 – in which host Polly Hammond interviews Elizabeth Schneider on this week’s installment of “Uncorked”.

As host of one of the longest running and highest rated podcasts in the world, Elizabeth Schneider knows what it takes to talk wine with Normal People. Today, she pulls no punches as she reflects upon how the industry communicates, why we need to rethink what matters, and where we need to go to build strong, resilient wine businesses. Beware, this one comes with an explicit language warning…

More about today’s guest:
Elizabeth Schneider is an award-winning podcast host, author of the acclaimed book “Wine for Normal People”, a wine expert, and one of the leading women in wine education in the United States.

With over a decade in the podcasting world, Elizabeth has been mentioned in nearly every top wine podcast list produced. She is a Certified Sommelier and a Certified Specialist of Wine, and has years of experience working in the wine industry. Elizabeth has an MBA, is a successful female entrepreneur and has conducted over 400 successful live wine events, about half of which have been conducted online. Her expertise is in communicating wine to a consumer audience in a plain spoken, fun, entertaining way.

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