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At 5forests, we take the Commerce7 platform to the next level with a custom built WordPress integration that will put your winery ahead of the competition.

If you’re looking for a Commerce7 website, we’ve got great news for you. Our custom integration comes packed with features not found with other agencies, features we know will set the stage for you to rank better and improve user experience.

This integration is constantly in sync with the Commerce7 API, so changes to your products are rendered on your website instantly, with the added benefits outlined below.

our benefits


Use WordPress’ built in search functionality to empower users to find products, event tickets, and product collections.

Social Sharing

Improve your social shares with full product data and images, created automatically for you.

Faster Google Crawling

Our unique integration will ensure Google can crawl your ecommerce data faster than the competition.

Search Engine Optimised

Help search engines and other platforms understand your data with full schema markup and meta tags on all Commerce7 pages.

Event Tickets

Improve the new Event Ticket options in Commerce7 to create a full fledged events calendar, making it easier than ever for customers to find and buy tickets.

Product Feeds

Add a catalog of your products to Facebook and Google, enabling you to add your wines directly into Google search results and Facebook and Instagram ads.


Our Commerce7 websites are custom build from the ground up with speed in mind. From optimised servers, custom themes and plugins, to next generation caching, your site will fly.


We build websites that actually follow best practices for accessibility. No band-aid plugins here.

On Site Product Search

The ability to search a website is not only a fundamental user feature, but when you’re talking about an ecommerce site, it’s critical. 5forests is proud to have built a Commerce7 powered website integration with full searching ability, something most (if not all) other Commerce7 sites lack.

Using our custom integration, your customers can now search for their favorite wine right on your website using the built in WordPress search.

With the added benefit of full product searching, the sitelinks search box schema will not only help businesses get a search box on 1st position SERPs, but that search box will actually produce search results relevant to shoppers.

Commerce7 Product Search

Better Social Sharing

Social media is a key piece of the marketing puzzle for many wineries, and we want to give you all the right tools to succeed. With 5forests, your Commerce7 product pages have full Open Graph information, meaning your products will show an accurate image, title, and description when shared on social media.

On top of that already groundbreaking feature, our implementation automatically creates these specially formatted images for sharing, meaning you will never have to spend the time or money on manually creating your own for each product.

This social sharing data is also available on collection pages and club pages, a first for Commerce7 websites.

See the difference yourself:

Commerce7 with OG Image

Sharing a product page on social media with a Commerce7 website built by 5forests

Commerce7 with no OG Image

Sharing a product page on social media with a Commerce7 website built by someone else

Seeing the difference above speaks for itself. Wine by nature is a social product, so presenting your products visually and accurately on social media is a critical element of success.

Help Google discover new and updated products faster

In the fast paced world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing, the ability to deliver new and updated products directly to search engines like Google can make or break your digital Direct To Consumer growth.

At 5forests, we believe that every edge in SEO optimisation is worth the effort in such a competitive marketplace. Our implementation uniquely puts all of your product’s content into the source of the page at the server level. What that means is Google sees all of your wine’s product information, from the title to images to the full product details, the very first time they visit the page.

By contrast, on a normal integration, your product page is almost completely empty on Google’s first visit! No product images, no title, no content whatsoever until Google processes the extra code on their second attempt (which can be days or weeks later).

Here’s what that looks like to Google:

Commerce7 with OG Image

How Google’s first crawl sees a product page on a Commerce7 website built by 5forests

Commerce7 with OG Image

How Google’s first crawl sees a product page on a Commerce7 website built by someone else

Provide customers extra information directly in search results

Search engines read a special code called Schema Data on websites to better understand the specific information on web pages. This allows them to provide that extra information directly in the search results (like reviews, price, and availability), which has proven to increase clicks on your results.

Here’s what that can look like for your wine’s product pages:

Google search result with added schema data

A Google search result displaying enhanced schema data about your products

Google search result with added schema data

A Google search result displaying no extra information with other implementations

better event ticket experience

Commerce7’s new Event Ticket add-on allows you to create events as products inside Commerce7. These special products will email a barcode ticket to the customer for easy check in at your event with a supported code scanner.

But what does that look like to a customer? Well, by default, these are just products… no different than wine or merchandise. There is no event calendar, no special ability to filter them, no date display.

At 5forests, we integrate Event Tickets with an event ticket plugin to give your users a better experience on your website. Not only can they still purchase event tickets and wine in the same cart, they can also see an intuitive view of your upcoming events.

Commerce7 event tickets on a 5forests site

Commerce7 Event Tickets on a 5forests built site

Commerce7 event tickets on a default site

Commerce7 Event Tickets on a default integration and template

We build Commerce7 websites for wineries that stand out above the rest.

Whether you’re looking to migrate to Commerce7, launch your very first ecommerce experience through them, or even if you already have a Commerce7 website and you’re looking to improve it, we can help.

Contact us today for more information.

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Frankly, I could not have done it without Polly. Her skill set, experience and knowledge in this field are literally the most proficient I have ever come across. Polly has a unique analytical approach to a task. This combined with her natural high EQ enabled us to fast track our work, get things done and get them done right – first time. Polly’s leadership skills are second to none. She listens carefully and questions, absorbing the challenge/issue and working through best practice solutions every time.
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