Data Driven Design

Have you ever visited a website that was beautiful to look at but impossible to navigate? You can’t find what you need, load times are slow, or it’s all out of date?

5forests’ Data-Driven Design ensures this is never the reality for your site. Via regularly monitored user experience analytics and the latest customer behaviour insights, we rely upon real data — not guesswork — to improve your website and help you reach your goals. The result? Happy customers, improved conversions, and a site that can grow with you now… and tomorrow.

Bright red planet Venus on background of jet black space.
Solar Observations taken during the Transit of Venus. Originally from NASA.

Digital discovery

Using properly configured analytics, heatmaps, user journey recording, and real user testing, 5forests will embark on a digital discover journey that provides us the raw data needed to determine how customers are using your website and where it might be falling short.

Websites built better, to be better

New websites should be treated as a starting point for future growth and success, but that doesn’t mean the first version can’t still be great. At 5forests, we use your digital discovery, up-to-date industry knowledge and data, and years of real world experience to build a website that starts off on the right foot, and sets in motion you path to success.

Measure and understand user experiences

With your launchpad website live, 5forests tracks real user experiences, measuring impactful KPIs, and testing common workflows and patterns to fully understand how consumers not only use your site, but also how they might use it better.

Continuously improve for better sales.

Having real user data in hand and a realistic plan for growth, your website becomes an ever-improving platform that grows with your needs and your customers’ habits. We work to eliminate friction and provide an enhanced customer experience along every step of their digital journey. Conversion rate optimization done right, from day one.

Can your site benefit from Data Driven Design? Probably.