Facebook Conversion Tracking for Commerce7

Running Facebook ads? You might be missing out on crucial conversion data. The Facebook Conversion Tracking app solves that by properly funneling in all sales, from the web, POS, reservations, and club sign ups, directly into your Facebook Business Manager using the Facebook Conversions API.

This app is a must-use for any winery spending money on Facebook and Instagram ads.

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Take control of your advertising.

5forests runs social media marketing campaigns for wineries all over the world, and knows first hand how important proper conversion tracking is to the success of a campaign and the quality of your audiences. We’ve teamed up with the trusted app developers at Treefrog Digital to create the Facebook Conversion Tracking app for Commerce7 so that all wineries can benefit from modern conversion tracking and have the upper hand in their marketing efforts.

Facebook Conversions API

Use modern technology to ensure the proper tracking of web events.

This app uses the modern Facebook Conversions API from Facebook to complement your existing pixel events. Every sale that happens on your website, every reservation, every club signup… they are all automatically sent to your Facebook Pixel.

A true server-based app.

This app is built as a modern standalone application running on a performant infrastructure provider, just like Commerce7 itself. It does not rely on the “server side tagging” feature of GTM, which is susceptible to ad blockers and other issues.

Unaffected by ad blockers. Unaffected by Javascript errors or tag misconfigurations. Higher match percentages, more accurate ROAS reporting. It just works, every single time. And the data is properly deduplicated so there’s never a concern of inaccurate reporting.

Facebook Offline Event Tracking

Track the proper ROAS of your local ads.

This app uses Facebook Offline Events to track sales that happen inside your tasting room, or inbound via phone or chat support, and sends them to a proper Offline Event Set for inclusion in your ad’s conversion tracking and reporting. This gives you the ability to target and optimize for both offline and online commerce, critical for most wineries today, and using an Offline Event is important because tasting room sales data should never be mixed up with your website sales data.

Target locals and make lookalike audiences to improve tasting room sales.

By using Offline Events, you gain the ability to target local sales efforts separately from online sales efforts, improving your ability to effectively market your business in today’s competitive landscape.

Club Sign Ups and Reservations

Track the real value of club sign ups.

This app sends all club sign ups and reservations to the Facebook Conversions API as custom events for use in custom audiences and custom conversions on Facebook, meaning you can now target both as a conversion goal in Facebook! With custom events, you can declare a value to the event that wasn’t present in the original dataset. Should you run bottom of funnel ads for club sign ups? We’ve seen them work well, but they require a very trained pixel, which this app can help with, and a very defined remarketing campaign. Would you run ads for new club members if you couldn’t track the effective ROI of those ads? With this app, you can.

Track the real value of reservations in your tasting room.

For wineries using Commerce7’s reservation system instead of a 3rd party (and you should be!), this app will send all reservation events, along with the type of reservation, the name of the reservation type, and the total value of the reservation to Facebook. Not only will this provide far more accurate ROAS calculations on your reports, it will help train your pixel and provide opportunities for better local audiences.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Full GTM container setup to integrate the Facebook Pixel into your Commerce7 website properly, avoiding all duplication of events. This setup powers even more options like custom audiences based on products or collection views, which can be a pivotal tool for power users and busy wineries.

Need a more thorough GTM setup?

We offer bespoke container setup for the most in-depth analytics tracking possible with Commerce7. From Facebook to Google Analytics to Google Ads and more. Contact us for more information.

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