Tree Planting Made Easy using 5forests’ App on Commerce7

Oil painting. A picturesque vineyard during sunset with the orange and pink hues of the sky reflecting on the grapevines. As the scene extends, the vineyard subtly transforms into a verdant forest.

At 5forests, we are proud to team up with Digimatic to offer our Commerce7 app that makes tree planting accessible and easy. Through our partnership with Ecologi, 5forests and our partner wineries have planted over 150,000 trees and offset more than 1,300 tonnes of carbon emissions.

The Environmental Benefits of Tree Planting

Planting trees is an effective way to combat climate change and preserve biodiversity. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen, making them a vital tool in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to carbon sequestration, trees provide a host of other environmental benefits, like preventing soil erosion, improving air and water quality, and it can create habitat for wildlife.

According to Ecologi, the 150,000 trees we have planted will absorb approximately 1,200 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime. This is equivalent to taking 216 cars off the road for a year. In addition to carbon sequestration, these trees will provide habitat for wildlife, prevent soil erosion, and improve air and water quality.

Preserving biodiversity is another important benefit of tree planting. Trees provide habitat for countless species of plants and animals, many of which are threatened by habitat loss and climate change. By planting trees, we are helping to create new habitats and protect existing ones.

The Importance of Sustainability for Wineries

As long time winery partners, we understand the importance of preserving our environment and natural resources. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers, and we must adapt our business practices to meet their expectations. By incorporating sustainable practices, we can all reduce our environmental impact and ensure the longevity of our industry.

One way wineries can contribute to sustainability efforts is through tree planting. Tree planting can help reduce carbon emissions, prevent soil erosion, and improve air and water quality. Additionally, it can create habitat for wildlife and enhance the overall aesthetic of our vineyards.

Many wineries have already successfully incorporated sustainability into their business practices. For example, Anaba Wines has implemented a comprehensive sustainability program that includes water conservation, renewable energy, and biodiversity preservation. They have also partnered with organizations like 5forests to plant trees and offset their carbon emissions.

Another winery that has embraced sustainability is Brooks Wine. They have implemented a regenerative farming program that focuses on soil health and biodiversity. Through our app, they have planted over 60,000 trees to offset their carbon emissions.

Incorporating sustainability into our business practices is not only important for the environment, but it can also benefit our bottom line. By reducing our energy and water usage, we can lower our operating costs and improve our efficiency. Additionally, consumers are increasingly seeking out sustainable products, and by meeting their expectations, we can attract and retain customers.

We all have a responsibility to contribute to sustainability efforts. By planting trees and implementing sustainable practices, we can reduce our environmental impact and ensure the longevity of our industry.

Plant Trees on Commerce7

That’s where 5forests’ & Digimatic’s tree planting app on Commerce7 comes in. This innovative app allows wineries to contribute to the effort of tree planting in a simple and effective way. With just a few clicks, wineries can offset their carbon footprint by planting trees in various locations around the world.

If you’re looking for a way to make a positive impact on the environment, signing up for the app and an Ecologi account is a great place to start. By doing so, you’ll be joining a community of like-minded individuals and businesses who are committed to creating a more sustainable future.

Why wait? If you’re using Commerce7, you should be using this app. It’s free to install, and we make no money from it. This is another way 5forests is giving back, and we hope you’ll join us.

We walk the walk

At 5forests, we plant trees with every new website we launch. We fully offset out own travels and and we offset all trackable digital footprints we leave behind.

We also employ sustainable web design practices, giving our client wineries some of the best wine ecommerce websites out there, powered fully by renewable energy with our sustainable web hosting and care plan service.

As I mentioned earlier, this is another way we’re both giving back to the wine community, as well as furthering our own sustainability goals. Our app makes it easy for wineries to contribute to this effort by donating a portion of their sales to tree planting organizations. With just a few clicks, wineries can make a positive impact on the environment and show their customers that they care about sustainability.

We encourage our Commerce7 wineries to sign up for the app and Ecologi account, and to share this post with others who may be interested in contributing to tree planting efforts.

Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable future for all.

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