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Greetings, friends, and welcome back to the Must Read. First, let me say thank you to everyone who messaged and emailed me in the past month. You kept me sane while I was trapped in the Deep South dealing with dysfunctional family and drinking wine from tetrapaks. I’m home to my beautiful, calm Auckland and have…

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Today, let’s start with two caveats and a thank you. The thank you goes out to Charlotte who emailed me with a question that made me sit my butt down and write an article that I have been avoiding. The caveats: I try to avoid any hint of self-promotion in these newsletters. Any self-promotion in…

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Let them spend money💰

Last week, we talked about the decision-simplicity index, and I received a few emails asking about clear pathways versus the old-school tactic of upselling via meandering paths. “Isn’t it better to encourage people to look around, so maybe they add more to the cart?” Yet again, I will lead in with a story: A few years…

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I am an emo-girl sometimes

So I’ve decided to start this newsletter with a personal story, proof that I am human enough to occasionally forget all marketing sensibilities I preach to you. The short version is this: earlier this week, someone (not the client) looked at one of our most thought-out, planned, customized sites (with innumerable goal-driven features) and said,…

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5 Updates for Kickass Wine Pages

Let’s start with business: next week we’re taking a bye for a much needed family holiday. You’ll have a week off digital, but hopefully not off wine 😃🍷 Now, onto this week’s helpful hints and handy tips. I’ve had a few people email me lately asking how they can improve their winery’s website product pages.…

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