Our workshops are designed to guide you through the challenges facing today’s crowded market.

Do your marketing decisions feel like expensive guesswork? Without a clear understanding of your customers, messaging, and goals, you might be leaving success or failure to chance. Our inhouse workshop framework has developed over years of working exclusively with independent brands who are ready to take action and commit to a better future for their business.

horizontal cross section of painting featuring overlapping circles, squares, and triangles in pinks, reds, blues, greens, and yellows
Ukranian artist Joseph Schillinger, Area Broken by Perpendiculars, 1934 (adapted). Original from The Smithsonian Institution.

When you’re ready to take control.

Each 5forests workshop is unique with an agenda custom-crafted to deliver what you need to move ahead. They range from 1-3 days and are conducted onsite so that no nuance is lost via Zoom.

2023 Workshop offerings include:

Are you a regional association or governmental body wanting to add value for your members? Our one-to-many workshops are fully-customizable to meet the needs of your unique audience.

textile design panel with column of arrow-like shapes, each bisected by color blocks
Furuya Korin, Vintage woodblock print of Japanese textile, 1904. Original from Shima-Shima.

Gain the knowledge you need to grow.