Craft’d Global

When new ownership took over the NZ Boutique Wine Festival, they knew it was time to grow beyond “NZ”, beyond “Boutique” and beyond “wine.” They needed an new name and identity that felt modern, crisp, and on target for a progressive event audience. Then, it was time to roll out a brand spankin’ new event website with an integrated ticket solution that could showcase a multitude of brand partners without feeling chaotic, and laid the foundation for a content-driven marketing strategy.

Craft'd Global logo superimposed on a textured dark background
Craft'd Global mood board of a woman wearing a professional suit whilst drinking from a tumbler glass
Craft'd Global branding as it appears on print collateral
Craft'd Global mini billboard as seen on the side of a building
Craft'd Global website mockups on two devices to show responsiveness

Frankly, I could not have done it without Polly. Her skill set, experience and knowledge in this field are literally the most proficient I have ever come across. Polly has a unique analytical approach to a task. This combined with her natural high EQ enabled us to fast track our work, get things done and get them done right – first time. Polly’s leadership skills are second to none. She listens carefully and questions, absorbing the challenge/issue and working through best practice solutions every time.

— NZ Boutique Wine Festival/Craft’d Global

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