Jemma Grobbelaar Wine & Drinks

We won’t lie, we work with Jemma all the time. She’s a fixture in the Auckland wine trade, talented as a wine writer, event facilitator, and trade rep. Late 2018, Jemma approached us in a bit of a panic: her brand was growing, she was suddenly being featured in the news and on billboards all over Auckland, and she had no digital presence! She needed a solution, and fast.

Jemma Grobbelaar Wine & Drinks logo on a styled background

Visual Identity

Our discovery process had taken place over the course of 2017 as we helped Jemma work through her brand naming and positioning. So when we suddenly needed logos, brand marks, and site design, the team was ready to go. Jemma is a passionate, educated Millennial woman, and the visuals needed to represent the joy and knowledge that she brings to her trade relationships. Youthful, feminine, but also professional and adaptable.


  • Naming & Branding


Wine, Beer, Spirits

Jemma Grobbelaar Wine & Drinks branding demonstrated on various print collateral

Website Design

Jemma wanted her visuals to reflect her whole personality, not just wine. From ocean waves to saturated colors to Wes Anderson, the resulting style rode the line between classic and modern, and was entirely without clutter.

Working quickly, we settled on a single page that could easily grow as needed. We focused our time on concise copy that answered the needful questions and encouraged users to reach out to Jemma directly.

A mood board for Jemma Grobbelaar Wine & Drinks, showing saturated colors, ocean living, and modern architecture.
A mockup of the Jemma Grobbelaar Wine & Drinks website on 3 devices to demonstrate responsiveness.

A strategy workshop with Polly was all about finding out who we are, who we say we are and what others say we are. We know now why customers will choose our brand over another and we have a clear brand statement which goes hand in hand with all our solid, engaging and social media savvy (very important nowadays) communications internally and externally. Polly won’t just boost your brand with the energy and passion to succeed but she is hands-on involved in the planning, strategy and execution of the brand discovery. She makes you discover who you are to realize who you want to be.

— Jemma Grobbelaar, JG Wine & Drinks

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