Pasta Wednesday

Before there was UberEATS, there was Pasta Wednesday and they needed an identity and website that captured their fun, fresh offering. We helped them develop brand visuals for analog and digital channels, then rolled that out into an easy to navigate subscription e-commerce site. Did we mention, we got to taste-test all their recipes? *10/10, chef’s kiss*

Pasta Wednesday logo superimposed over a green background

Super cute, super easy.

Good work for Pasta Wednesday began with understanding their customers: busy professionals and families who wanted high quality homemade dishes with minimum fuss. That meant creating a bold, unambiguous visual identity that would translate across all print and digital demands.

The website design and functionality needed to be equally frictionless. Information was prioritized for fast discovery and onboarding. Woocommerce subscriptions supported easy customer account management with low administrative learning curve.




Food & Beverage

Pasta Wednesday website mockup up on 2 devices to show responsiveness
Pasta Wednesday website design examples
Pasta Wednesday logo as printed on a business card
Pasta Wednesday printed on deli paper wrapped around bread

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